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H20: Preview-Introduction: Taking Stock

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Taking Stock

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H20 TO GO!

Growing Emotional Resiliency & Navigating Through Childhood

with Heart, Humor & Optimism

By Margo Judge


H20: Book Installment #2



Taking Stock: De-Cluttering and Making Room For New Keepsakes

 For those of us who are about to become parents, or who have just had a baby, this is our time to reevaluate our lives, our priorities, and our bottom lines. (Actually, it is never too late to do this, but for the purposes of this book, we are beginning at the beginning).  Beyond what infant paraphernalia we will need, how we plan to juggle work and parenting, breast-feeding and sleep schedules, looms a far more important issue-emotional housecleaning and taking stock.  Just as we might decide what will or will not go into our new baby's room or crib, so must we do exactly the same thing with our hearts and minds.  We have collected a lot of mental clutter and emotional garbage.  They take up space, perhaps too much, now that we have more important responsibilities.  Not only can they crowd us, they can also weigh us down, becoming dangerously unhealthy for both parent and child.  Now comes our number one priority-to take a clear look around and decide what should be discarded, what has nothing to do with our new role as parent and our baby's future life.  Now comes the opportunity to declutter our memory bank, and create much needed added space.


And that space should be reserved only for positive keepsakes-warm memories that we will want to share; cherished traditions we want to continue; and new rituals to create along with our child.  It is very protected space, not to be violated by anything or anyone.


We must be willing to put up a DO NOT DISTURB-MY CHILD LIVES HERE sign upon our hearts.

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