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Dear Reader,

I am now into my third of what has been a trilogy of careers-all having to do with my deep interest in the emotional well-being of children and young people.

I began working with children over 40 years ago, first, in the children's ward of a large hospital, next at city run day-care centers, and then as a counselor, designing an after school recreational program for disadvantaged children, But I actually began my first 'career' in theater co-founding a theater company called Roadshow and co-writing a musical version of Alice In Wonderland which toured the New York tri-state area. As part of the Roadshow's innovative concept of bringing children from each community into the production,  I co-ran theater workshops for children who then participated in the weekend performances.

My second, and longest career was as a full time mom.  It was during this time that I ran parent peer groups, began mentoring both students and fellow parents, and started my website to blog and write on children's issues.

With my son grown, I have embarked on my present career as an IPEC trained, and certified Family & Effective Relationship Coach, CMC,  as well as a Master Practitioner in the Energy Leadership Index Assessment- ELI-MP.

My on-line book draft is: "H20 TO GO!Growing Emotional Resilience & Navigating Through Childhood with Heart, Humor, and Optimism.  It offers a philosophy and practical guide for raising an emotionally resilient, as well as empathetic and ethical young person. 

After almost 35 years of observation as a mentor/coach I'm deeply committed to simplifying both childhood and parenting, and in particular, helping interpret confusing road signs, get past inevitable rough patches and handle poor visibility often associated with the journey to young adulthood. 

I am also convinced that Life is all about relationships, from family members, peers, teachers, friends, partners, co-workers, associates, and bosses.  How we handle all those relationships will determine our ultimate happiness and success. Do we have the emotional resilience and maturity to manage all of our relationships? These are the questions I coach around.  i am most excited with the Energy Leadership Index Assessment. This tool offers a blueprint for how our energy shows up in various aspects of our lives, in particular, our relationships-both personal and professional.  For young people, age 18 and up, it can be extraordinarily helpful in identifying and coping with feelings.

Most importantly, it is my profound belief that every parent needs to hear, at least once, twice, three times: Everything will work out. No chance is last chance saloon! You child still needs you!  This too shall pass. They will be fine! And every young person needs to hear: You can do this! I have faith you. Work hard and you will have success somewhere, at some time! You're never too good to fail! Every expert was once a beginner! Good times always follow bad, promise! As far as we adults are concerned, we can always find solutions to problems. Always.

For more on my back story , please listen to my podcast MY PODCAST:(August 3, 2009) H20 to Go! How To Raise An Emotionally Healthy Child on Heart, Humor & Optimism
Sending you Heart, Humor & Optimism to Go!
Margo Judge,CPC,  ELI-MP  

ER. Effective Relationship, Coaching because Life is all about Relationships!