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Optimism-Being That Voice For Someone Else

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Optimism-Being That Voice For Someone Else

A grandmother spoke with me about her granddaughter-that she was just floating;
that her talent and intelligence were going nowhere; that she was not pursuing school (e.g. college);
nor, was she using or developing her artistic skills.
She seemed lost. She had moved closer to where her parents lived.
But she still does not seem to be motivated or have a goal.

I knew this young lady when she was much younger and lived on the East Coast near her grandmother.

Her father never thought she was very intelligent.
Her grandmother thought she was amazing.
Her stepmother could not be bothered.
Her grandmother never felt bothered.
Her mother was too busy.
Her grandmother was always there.

I don't hear from her very much anymore-

But, she needs to hear from you.
She needs to hear your voice in her ear--that voice that says, I love you, and I believe in you.
But she lives far away.
Ok. Buy a card. Write her a long note in that card.
Tell her all the things you would say if she were here sitting with you.
That way, she can have a little bit of you to open, and read, and read again and hold onto.
Keep sending her little encouragement cards, and keep being that voice of hope and faith in her ear.

I realized after we spoke how important Optimism continues to be for our older children.
They will never outgrow the need to hear from someone they love and/or respect that things will work out.
This too shall pass.
They will be fine.
I said in my book and in my interview that Optimism could not manufacture itself.
It must be supplied.
Even as adults, we need to hear from someone else that better days are coming.

Young adults may have that one family member who makes them feel small, or insignificant
or who looks down on them in disappointment or disapproval.
That one person will carry tremendous power over a young adult's self-image,
unless there is an equally positive voice looking up.
They need just one voice that can be on going and strong and no matter what, consistently supportive.
That voice can be supplied via by email, or by cards. (I prefer cards because they are something to collect, and cherish and read over and over again.)

For our grandchildren, our nieces our nephews and/or cousins, as well as our children's friends,
we can be that one voice in their ear that says-
I believe in you. You are a terrific young person.
I know you can make good things happen for yourself.
Do not give up. I am here to root you ever bit of the way. I know you will succeed.
Tomorrow is another day.
This too shall pass.
Good times always follow bad.

Here's to positive voices where they are most needed.

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