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Tonka's Response: Should Dogs Sleep in Beds With Owners

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August 30 2010
Should You Sleep With Your Dog?
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  Speaking from a Paw point of view we canines are actually easier to sleep with than babies-even when they are NOT in the bed! We do not need a bath and 10 bedtime stories and we do not have nightmares! We will not wet the bed and there is no danger of smothering us. I am an 85 pound mix of Bernese Mountain Dog and Golden Retriever. Lots of hair. My owner mom puts on a top sheet, I jump up and nestle in until my owner Mom and/or Dad get into bed. Then, to be quite honest, it gets too hot and I thump on the cool floor right next to them for the rest of the night.
I love getting on the bed at night.I have been doing it ever since I came home with my owner boy who was in 9th grade at the time and chose me out of a whole litter! My owner Mom decided not to have me sleep with him, though, because she said it would be too difficult when he went off on travel teams and college. Everyone says good night to me by giving me a hug. My owner mom takes my leash off, rubs my ears, and tells me how much she loves me.
If only babies and toddlers had such peaceful nights. Monsters???!!! Never heard of them! Night terrors? What??!! Seriously, I think that babies, toddlers and dogs should all sleep in the same beds, and let the grown-ups have their own!!!! Now that would end having to get up in the middle of the night! Promise!