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July 9 2010
Woody and Me!

The girlfriend is leaving today.  She stayed with us all this past week.  What can I say?  I have evolved since my last blog about her October 1st, 2009:

October 1, 2009-The girlfriend.
She is very cute.  She is very sweet.  She talks to me.  She pets me. She wants to include me in activities.  She wants to be my friend.
I know, I know--call it selfish.  I love my owner's son very much. He's my boy-my best buddy.  It took me a long time to get used to him being away at college.  It took longer for me to understand his coming home for a week and going back.  We canines cannot look at a watch or a calendar.  Someone comes.  Someone goes.  How do we know when they will return??!!
So, my boy, my best buddy comes home for his birthday.  I'm so happy! But wait-he's not alone!  He has a girlfriend who hugs and cuddles and snuggles with him on the couch.  She plops herself near him and stays there forever!
I curl up on the floor.  I cannot compete with this.  It is way too strong.  I am hoping he will look my way and come and pet me.  He does. Then he goes back to her!  I am hoping he will play a little with me.  He does. Then he goes back to her!   I am hoping he will let me up on the couch.  He won't.  He's on it with her! I am hoping he will stay home in the evening.  He won't. He'll be out with her!
I am not having a good fur day!!! I have heard parents talk to about sibling rivalry-I have over heard my owner give advice.  So, where is my advice???!!   Forget wanting to put a baby brother in the washing machine, what am I supposed to do with my desire to chase this girlfriend out the door, up a tree and as far away as possible from my best buddy!
He has gone back to graduate school. She is still here on a college internship.  My owner will take her to lunch on Sunday.  I will see her.  It would be so much easier to plot if she weren't so warm and engaging. But still, she has stolen my best buddy!  What's a dog to do?
 She'll suggest to my owner that they take me with them for lunch. Is this bribery time? Like lunch outside-with lots of scraps? A good restaurant-NOT A SALAD BAR- what respectable canine eats salad??!!  Depending upon the scraps, I could forget for a short while how much I miss my best buddy, but the missing will come back.
I wish I could go to visit him.  I wish we could hang out-just the two of us alone.  I wish he were younger again and we could fall asleep together watching ESPN on the couch.  But, he's all grown.  He's gone a lot. He has a girlfriend. I need a plan.  I need a support group.  I need an intervention!  
Wait a minute,  I'm grown! And I'm neutered!  Why can't I have a girlfriend too!  There are some foxy paws out there.  I have one in mind.  I'm going to ask her if she'd like to play in the leaves Saturday night?
Still missing my best buddy, but there is love is out there in the cool fall air.  I need to stop moping! Feeling better. I'll even try to be friendlier at lunch as long as it's not salad!
Now I just have to get past the glass door!

Now I have come to see that my owner Boy really, really cares for her.  My owner Mom and Dad really, really like her.  And, I have to say she has been really, really nice to me.  I still do not get to curl up with my owner Boy, but he does give me lots of pets and to be honest—even if she weren’t here, it would be too hot to curl up with anyone!  I have to lie on cool floor. 

They all went to see Toy Story 3, and I overheard my owner Mom say she cried through the last 15 minutes of the movie.  I also overheard enough about the plot to know that Woody’s owner Boy, Andy, is going off to college and Woody has to accept that his owner Boy has grown up. 

Who knew I would have so much in common with Woody? We both love our owner Boys very, very much.  And we need to feel they still love us very, very much even if they grow up and leave home. I need to appreciate the time I have left at home with my owner Boy.  So, maybe this heat wave was a blessing after all!  It has kept all of us indoor most of the time.  And you know what I realized? I want to be inside near my owner Boy even more than I want to be outside alone watching for things that go bump in the night!  Wow! Woody! I totally get it!!!! I cannot wait until your movie comes out on DVD and I get to watch it with my owner Mom!  Meanwhile--

Have a very Woody/Andy weekend!


July 2 2010
Oh my goodness! I was so excited!  Not only did we have a day without humidity, but I got invited out to dinner with my family and a friend who was going off to live in a place called San Francisco.
We had a terrific corner table outside where I could curl up and watch the goings on.
It was a beautiful night!  I was not panting at all!
This friend said she and her dad were driving across country.
(I don’t really know what that means except it sounds very, very far, and takes a lot more than a few days and nights)
My owner Mom said she would love to do that with me, but she didn’t want to do it alone.  My owner dad could never take the time, and my owner son is in graduate school. So, she would need a friend.  Maybe a friend with a dog!
Wait a minute!
Driving across country sounds like fun and I know I would get to sniff a new places.  I love new adventures!
But going with another dog I don’t know very well?
What is this with my owner Mom with other dogs?
She rescues and brings total canine strangers into our house and expects me to behave politely (see former blog) and now she’s thinking of taking one along on a long trip????!!!
What if we don’t get along?
What if our habits are totally different he/she got a second wind when I was ready to take my afternoon nap!
What if I have to share? Treats, Food, Water, the car space?
But most important
What if my owner mom pays less attention to me because she has a friend and  I have company?
She hugs and pets me a lot.  I nuzzle and lick her back.  I Love my owner Mom and Dad and Boy with all my doggie heart.
Do I really want to share my owner Mom for a long trip?
It would be nice to go sniffing around with a buddy.
After all, there are some things humans just do not appreciate about the canine world.
I might be willing to do it, as long as I could still get all the attention I wanted from my owner Mom.
I realize that there is one trait all canines share.
We can have play dates, go to doggie day care, stay home or roam around outside, but when it is all said and done,
We want our people. We love our people. And, truth be known, if we had our way, we’d be with our people 24/7 forever!!!!
Have a great July 4th weekend, but please do not make us go anywhere near cracks or booms or pops!
Come to think of it, that will be my interview question for a long trip mate:
How do you feel about fireworks? There is only one acceptable answer to that!

June 18, 2010
The Curfew:
My owner boy is home for the summer.  He is no longer at the age where he has a curfew. He will stay out until 1 or 1:30am.  He is very good about calling my owner Mom and telling her when he is actually on his way home, but I stay up and wait for him.  I have always done that ever since he was in high school.

The bad part is that after midnight, I am not allowed to stay up and wait OUTSIDE. I have to be inside. Night, inside, is boring!  I cannot stretch out in cool grass or run up to the fence and bark at things that go bump in the night. There is nothing to do but stare out the glass door.

I wish my owner boy still had a curfew—the way it was in the old days when we both came in together and went upstairs together. But now my owner boy comes back whenever, while I, who am right outside and NOT driving a car, have to come in at the same time every night! And besides, my owner boy can’t do anything with all those creatures that go bump in the night? Such a waste! I am the one who ought to be out and he should be the one waiting for me at the glass door!

The point is, I am all grown.  I am mature.  I am responsible.  But, I have a curfew and my owner boy does not! Not fair! Not fair at all!
Wishing for a curfewless weekend,

June 11,2010
The Check-Up Cometh!
AAAGH, it's coming.  I know it's coming because I saw the dreaded card sitting on the kitchen counter. Then, I heard my owner Mom say-oh, I need to call and make an appointment.

I know humans hate going to the dentist.  Well, canines hate visiting the vet!
But, in my case, it’s even worse!  I do not go to a vet’s office. 
The vet comes to our house. he is an old friend of my owner Mom's, and he travels to people’s homes to give check-ups and shots.

So, once in a while, when I am sitting peacefully on my front lawn, I will see a car drive up to our curb. 
I pick up my head-I know this car instantly, and I jump up and start to bark. 
I am not an aggressive dog, so I would never bite this human for just showing up
(where is that gene when you need it??!!!!)
But, I start to pace, and bark, and pace and bark, and try to hide. Quick behind a bush!

He always has a big hello, but I I do not see his face.  All I see is his bag!
Then, my owner Mom comes out and tries to coax me into the house.
She and I both know that will not get me from behind the bush. 
So, she puts a leash around my neck and pulls me in. (actually it's a v-e-r-y hard pull!)

By now I am shaking.  I do sit.  She does hold me, and say soothing things. 
The bag man is gentle.  He looks in my eyes, my mouth, feels my neck, and my belly and my private parts (UGH!!!!!)
Then he takes out the needle. I hear that the prick does hurt humans, but not us canines. 
We do not feel it, so, I do not yelp. But I cannot wait until the whole affair is over!

The bag man tells me I am fine and tries to give me a big pet.  I will have none of it! 
I need to see him close that bag! My owner Mom gives me a big hug, and that feels good. 
Plus, I know she will give me a treat.

When I see the bag man leave and get into his car, I start to calm down. 
It is over!
My owner mom smiles and says—see? That wasn’t so bad!
Well, easy for her to say!

So, the dreaded postcard has come in the mail.
The bag man is coming.
I need a better hiding place.
Maybe I can dig a get away tunnel?
Got to go!
Have a healthy, bag man free weekend!
riday May 21 2010
A Baguette is not a Bone!
My owner mom went to NYC. When she returned she told my owner Dad that while sitting at a table near a window, having breakfast, she saw a woman go into the bakery with a black lab.  A little while later, the woman and the lab came out. The woman handed the baguette in its wrapper to her dog.
The dog put it in its mouth like a bone and off they went. Everyone outside smiled. The waiter said that this woman comes in every morning.
And her dog carries the baguette back home to their apartment every day!
My owner mom then looked at me and said-wouldn't that be great for us, Tonka!!!
I buy a baguette every afternoon anyway, and you  could carry it home!!!
I have no intention of carrying my owner Mom's baguette home!
For one thing, she always tears the heel off for me to nibble on our way back.
For another-'tis a slippery slope-this carrying idea! Soon it would be-agghhh-the dreaded poop bag!!
Then I'd be fetching-and I'm not talking about the fun fetch like a Kong or a ball!
No, it would be a newspaper, then shoes, then the mail, including-agghhh-Architectural Digest!!
So,! I am putting my paw down!
I know I am extremely trainable and my owner mom could get me to learn almost anything-but this carrying a baguette idea?
Not a chance!
I plan to cock my head and pretend she is speaking some arcane human language I could never learn!
And if she tries to teach me, I'm going eat the baguette, wrapper and all!
Have a boneful weekend!
Friday May 14 2010
 Coed vs Single-Sex Kennels???!!!
Hmm…I got a lot of response about my Nanny spying! Glad to know that lots of humans are concerned about what their nannies are doing outside of the home.
Remember, there is no nanny-cam in the park!

But I want to talk about this single-sex school thing that some humans are very concerned with.  My owner Mom gets this question all the time. Should the daughter go to an all girl or coed high school? 

I sat outside Starbucks FOREVER, while she had this conversation with a father whose daughter, graduating from 8th grade, wanted to transfer to a private, co-ed high school, and her mother thought she should stay in her private all girl school.  Both were excellent schools that offered rigorous curriculums. The only difference-one had boys! The Mom was quite against the co-ed school. The dad was more open. 
So, he asked my owner Mom's opinion?
I curled up near the table knowing what my owner Mom was going to say.
Well, does she have brothers?
No, an older sister.
Does she know any boys from other activities?
Not really, just the brothers of friends of hers, but they do not socialize.  My wife really wants her to stay where she is.
Because she feels she will get more opportunities in the classroom.
Yes.  But what she really worries about is the distraction of boys.
I see.
What do you think?

I shuffle to another position on the ground. I know what is coming.
Well, if you want my personal opinion on this, and we are not talking about middle school, and barring any specific learning need your daughter might have, or social problems she might be exhibiting, I am a huge proponent of co-ed education in private high schools.
Why? The father asks.
Because I think, particularly in this day in age, there is a great advantage to having girls and boys learn how to function together in normal every day settings, become friends, angst over the same tests, offer support, do projects, and hang out, without dressing or acting to impress each other When they are with each other day in and out, they learn to be themselves and are more likely to be able to judge each other’s character.  When both boys and girls have to wait all week to get together, then the social scene on Friday and Saturday takes on enormous weight.  Instead of looking at each other as just people, they see each other as the opposite sex.  They are much more likely to try to impress, and much less likely to recognize the negatives in character and personality.

Hmm, the Dad nods.

Also, I feel very strongly that girls should be comfortable around boys BEFORE they go off to college.

Oh, the father interjects, her mother is thinking she will go to an all girl college.
I shift again on the ground.
Why? My owner Mom asks.
Her mother feels she will get a better education.

I’m not sure, perhaps because she won’t be competing with boys.
Now even I pick up my head. We males have to fight for every bit of recognition around female canines!
In my opinion, my owner mom replies, that is an old fashioned notion.  Girls are not academically discriminated against in today’s private schools,  or colleges.  I just do not believe that applies anymore.
Hmm, the father replies.
If you are asking me about an all girl's college, I do not think unless a girl is a very late social bloomer, that it makes good sense.  Again, what will happen when she goes out into the work place and has to function along side men? And just because she goes to a single-sex school-be it high school or college, it does NOT guarantee her protection against some social interactions. For example, how would she handle it if she is hit on by a girl?

I pick up my head again! I get humped all the time by two of my male friends! I just push them off but it drives their owner moms and dads crazy!
Well look, my owner mom replies, if you both decide that she should stay in a single sex school then may I make a suggestion?  Try to find extra-curricular activities that she can engage in such as Habitat for Living, or some volunteer project where she could work along side boys.  Or, perhaps she can pursue some interest that would also involve boys.
I can name 3 female canines that love playing tug of war with me!
The whole idea, my owner Mom continues, is to get comfortable talking and hanging out, without having to wear make-up, and look her best.  Having the opportunity to become good friends with the opposite sex is healthy for all kids. And if it doesn’t happen in school then try to have it happen outside of school.

The father liked that idea and thought he could sell it to his wife.

Time to leave, I hope! I get up.
As we walk home, I think about the Doggie Day Care that I sometimes go to and wonder how I would feel is there were only males there. What a ridiculous thought! We would be impossible with each other!  I like being around both males and females. We are all good friends, we all sniff each other, and we all group play.
Come to think of it, I do not know one owner Mom or Dad who ever considered putting their female canine in an all female Kennel! That is even a worse idea!
Thank goodness there is no such thing as single-sex kennels.
Phew, are we canines lucky!
Have a great co-ed weekend!!!!!
Friday May 7 2010
Gumpawing in the Park
Well, now I am torn about what to blog.  I was all set to write about an all boy dog kennel, vs. a coed kennel because my owner mom has had this conversation about single sex schools with three different parents.  She has not been writing because she’s been traveling and has had so many family issues to deal with.  But one of us has to blog on a consistent basis, and I’m it!
Anyway, we went for a walk today and passed the toddler playground.  Remember when I wrote about being a ‘Paw Shoe’?
Tonka-View From The Paw-Friday March 19 Playing detective and reporting on nannies?
I did some paw shoeing. 
A little girl came to the playground fence.   She wanted to say hi to me.  My owner mom told her I was very gentle, if she wanted to pet me.  Then a little boy came to the fence holding a little piece of wood.  The little girl giggled at Tonka.  The little boy wanted to know if Tonka wanted the little stick he was holding.  My owner Mom said it was so nice of him to offer but that I might choke on that chip of wood.  He looked very disappointed. The little girl wanted to pet me some more.  There were 2 nannies there—one for each child.  They sat on separate benches.  Both were on the phone with friends. Neither was paying any attention to the children.
I have seen this so many times, in the late afternoon. I become their focus. They want to talk to my owner mom. They are sad when we leave.  I wish I knew their parents.  I wish my owner mom and I could report on their nannies.
We can’t.  So, I am going to ask all human parents out there-

I love children.  They love me.  I love being their park friend, but they also need a human to talk to. They need  a human to share their surroundings with. That is how they grow and develop and learn. I can lick them, and let them rub my tummy, but I cannot tell them that the stick they are holding is made of wood. That little boy told my owner mom that he didn’t know his stick was made of wood.
Have a park-filled weekend!
Friday April 30 2010
A Boring Canine??!!
I have done a lot of human watching in my eight years.  And I have often overheard my owner mom and/or dad comment on other people after a party or conversation, while reading the newspaper or listening to the news:
That was boring group of people!
Goodness, she gave a boring speech!
He is so boring to talk to!
And what have I noticed while people watching? You humans are missing a tail!!!
That alone would give you more personality!

Our tails might swish, or thump. Our ears might perk up or flap out   Our heads might tilt sideways or pout.  Our bodies might wiggle wildly or stand proud.  We might stretch out, curl up, nuzzle, or just plop. We might look soulful or sad, happy or excited, scared or anxious, comic and silly, wise and curious.
But there is something we canines will never ever be and that is boring! There is just no such thing as a boring canine!!! We do not look boring, we do not talk boring, we do not act boring!  It is just not any part of our DNA.
So, when I people watch I am so happy I am a canine.  I realize that it is our unboring nature that so attracts humans.  I think they silently wish they could be like us.  Well, there is always hope.  My owner mom and dad and boy are not boring!  And I have to say I take full responsibility for that!
Have a very unboring weekend!
Friday April 23 2010

Course: Growing A Human, One Step at a Time

Guest Lecturer: Tonka!

Todays Topic: Being More Like a Canine

 We will show a Video:  The Odd Couple

Homework:  Have a wonderfully 'Odd' weekend!

Friday April 16 2010
I am on vacation since my owner Mom is in New York City.  She told me to tell you she will blog on Saturday--seems that she had a series of firsts, and that is something considering she was born and raised there!
Anyway, since I cannot write a whole blog, I thought I'd leave you with this. Have a great paw weekend!
Will be back next week!

Ten top ways to tell if Martha Stewart is stalking your dog

10. There's potpourri hanging from his/her collar.

9. The dog's nails have been cut with pinking shears.

8. The dog toys are all stored in McCoy crocks.

7. The pooper scooper has been decorated with raffia bows.

6. That telltale lemon slice in the new silver water bowl.

5. You find liver and whole wheat dog treats stamped out with copper cookie cutters and decorated with royal icing using a #2 rosette tip.

4. Dog hair has been collected and put into wire baskets for nesting material for the birds.

3. A seasonally appropriate grapevine wreath adorns the front of your dog's crate.

2. Your dog goes outside naked and comes in wearing a thyme colored virgin wool hand-knitted sweater with matching boots.


1. The dog droppings in your backyard have been sculpted into swans.

Friday April 9 2010
My Salad Days!
I am certainly entering ‘my salad days’.  I know humans do not understand why we canines start to eat grass come the Spring.  The weather turns warm and owner Moms lunch on all sorts of  greenie things surrounded by all sorts of veggie things!  I must say none of these is appealing.  The smell of a cucumber or lettuce leaf cannot compare to a piece of chicken or morsel of meat!  In fact, cucumber and lettuce have no smell! So, it is not only the warmer weather that starts to intrude upon my greater state of being-it is the food associated with it!   On the other hand, fresh grass that has sprung up over night-now that’s yummy! 
But my owner mom keeps telling me not to eat the grass! What is with this double standard!  Why are those green leaves ok on her  plate and not ok on my ground! And why do I have to hide my nibbling? When I am let out at night, I take a v-e-r-y long time going to the far corner of the yard to pee.  I walk the e-n-t-i-r-e border of my fence pretending to look for things that go bump in the night.  But I am actually inching e-v-e-r more closely to the tallest, dewiest grass. Delicious!  My owner Mom eventually comes to the door and calls out-No! No Grass!  But by the time she does I have had my fill!

Imagine, if while sitting alongside her at lunch, I barked-No! No celery!
Imagine if all we canines yelped-No! Do not eat the spinach!
Where would all human nutrition go?
Humans are so lucky we canines do not react to their ‘grass’ the way they do to ours!
In ‘my salad days’ and lovin’ it!

Friday April 2 2010
Getting Hot Under The Collar!
I know, I know I am very late in posting my blog.  I just got back home, this morning.
Was away longer than my owner Mom said I was going to be away for.  But, I cannot complain.  I did have a lot of fun!
It is beginning to get too warm for me. The air conditioning isn’t on yet, and it was really hot outside.  I try to find some shade because I love being outside.  I hear my owner Mom say she wants to build me some kind of shelter from the sun.  I know she hates the fact that I keep digging holes in the dirt.
Also, this is always the time of year that I get nervous.  I see all my neighbor canines getting shaved.  I am told they are much cooler that way.  I would probably be cooler, but never, never would I go for being shaved.  Please!  My hair is my signature statement!!! I am a mountain dog.  We have fur!  Thick fur that was not meant to be shaved!  We were meant to stand atop snow-capped mountains, not sitting bald in summer yards!
I am dreaming of snowbanks.  I know they are gone for good, until next winter. I look at my cool dirt holes.   I look at my owner Mom’s face. And so it begins.The “how I keep me cool” syndrome without shaving me and/or destroying the yard! I don’t really go for the kiddy pool.  I will put my body in it, and dive down underneath for treats, but I will not lay down in it!  It is for kiddies after all!  And, I don’t like those cooling mats.  I cannot dig in them nor do they mimic the feel of cool dirt.  My owner Mom does not understand why I will not lay down on one.  Am I finicky?  I do not think so.  After all, I know of human toddlers who will not take off their turtlenecks until July!!!!!
A hockey rink!  No that’s cool in every way!  It could be a mini hockey rink!!!  In fact, someone should design a tiny frozen pond for us canines It would probably cost a fortune in electricity.  But wouldn’t that be great!  I could invite all my canine friends over for a pond party including Giant George (although in his case, the pond might have to be a little bigger!) Canines could keep their fur and toddlers could keep their turtlenecks!
Ok. Good-bye to snow bank dreamin’ and hello to frozen pond wishin’!
Have a wonderful Easter Weekend burying eggs in those dirt holes! I’m off to lobby for the pond.  Wish me luck!
Lots of Paw
Friday March26 2010
My First Week as a GumPaw
Well, I have to admit that my first week as a GumPaw did not turn out as expected.
Here I thought I was going to assist my owner Mom in sleuthing around playgrounds, spying on pre-occupied, non-engaged nannies or parents.  
And what happens?
We walk across the park on our way home.  School is out and so lots of kids are making their way home too-some with friends, some with parents or nannies.  One young boy is walking with his dog way behind his caregiver. She does not turn around.
His Golden Retriever is full of energy and very happy.  You know our look when we are feeling-oh boy, oh boy, it’s playtime??!! He is jumping up and down along side his owner boy.  His owner boy wants him to stop.  It isn’t happening.
His owner boy gets upset and starts to yell at him to stop.  This teenage canine isn’t listening and so the owner boy hits him with his hand, real hard. In fact, he hits him several times in the face.
I am very upset.  I want to run over and tell this owner boy not to hit his dog.  I pull on the leash and bark—It’s not his fault!  He does not understand what he is supposed to do or not do! I am very lucky that my owner Mom trained me. She never ever hit me. Neither did my owner boy-even when I nipped him while teething, or stole his slice of pizza.
My owner Mom and I have seen kids walking their dogs alone. And even if they are not mean, a lot of times, they are impatient and just pull their dogs along, wanting to get back home to whatever.
I know a lot of you humans read my blog.  So, if you have dogs and children and if your children are old enough to be walking their dogs alone, maybe you could give them a little pep talk about what to do and not do with us.  
Please do not yank us. Please do not hit us.  We may get a little carried away with our energies, but we certainly mean no harm to those we love-especially our boy and girl owners.
Just stand in front of us.  Look us right in the eye, put up one finger up and say-no, sit. Show us what sit is, and then repeat the command.  If we still do not understand, gently sit us down again. And keep doing it, until we understand. And when we comply, you can give us a treat. We are no different than our owner girls and boys.  We can be trained in the exact same way, actually!  Positive reinforcement is universal to all species.
Heart, (unconditional love) Humor (the ability to laugh at some of our antics) & Optimism (we will be potty trained at some point!)  And if you need more tips, just write to me at View From The Paw on Facebook.
Have a gentle pawful weekend!
GumPaw Tonka signing off.
Friday March 19 2010
Need a Detective?
No more snow!  No more snow banks!  No more rain! No more puddles!  What’s a canine to do! It is a spring-like sunny day—at least there is a lot to smell!  Every morning, come rain or shine, my owner mom walks me to our little market across the park.  She gets coffee and a dog biscuit for me. In order to get to this market we go through our neighborhood park that has not one, but two playgrounds-one for tots and the other for older children.  Every morning I stop and sniff in front of the toddler playground. Usually there is another dog tied to the fence waiting for playtime to be over.  I always go over and say hi and sniff around the gate.  My owner Mom, meanwhile, watches the goings on inside.
Suddenly, her phone rings.  It is a friend waiting to go into a job interview. They talk.
And then I hear her start to talk about what she is seeing in the playground.
I keep sniffing and listening.
There are moms and Nannies in this playground and you should see the difference in how they deal with the kids!
Yeah!  The Moms are talking to their kids, and constantly following them from swing, to sandbox, to Cozy Coop, to slide. The nannies, on the other hand, are talking on their phones or to each other!
I wonder what Moms would think if they knew this were happening!
You know-I should be a playground spy.  Wouldn’t that be a great job?  I’d walk Tonka every morning, observe, take notes and report back to the parents!

My ears perk up. Spy!  Yes!  I would love that!  I never get enough time to sniff around, and if my owner Mom wants to stall for more observation time, I could certainly accommodate her!  I look into the playground to see what she’s talking about.  And I have to confess she is right.  There are little ones playing all by themselves. Then I hear my owner mom again-
You know, this really bothers me! There is absolutely nothing beneficial about a 2 yr old toddler playing by him or herself in a playground!  Older children need space to connect with each other, and learn how to cooperate, share and interact without constant adult interference. But goodness!  A very, very young child needs company!  What is all this solo play! Ridiculous!  They might as well come out of there and play with Tonka!

What a minute!  Come out a play with me?  That means bangs on the nose, a yanked tail, and some piece of food dangling before my eyes that then gets taken away with-No! That’s mine! You can’t have it!  I am reviewing this situation!
But the idea of my owner Mom becoming a spy?  If it means more time in the park? Sure! I would be her partner!  We’d make a great undercover pair!  I need a name. How about Detective Gumpaw!!??
Have a great undercover weekend!
Friday March 12 2010

Back to Waiting.

I’m back!  I was so excited to see my owner Mom that I went galloping out of the gate!  I had a great time!  But I have to say after being around young pups for 10 days-they put me with them because I am so easy to get along with and a great role model (hee, hee)—I am absolutely exhausted!  At one point, the energy level with one pup got so-o- over the top that I had to bark at him to stop!  I did not want to rumble or tumble or chase anymore! He got the message.  I took a nap. But I felt badly afterwards for growling and so played a little more with him until we had to go in.

Meanwhile, I am home only one day and my owner Mom and Dad go out for the whole evening!  Why?  To attend some friends' 40th anniversary of the day they met??!! Whoop dido! That’s more important than me?  Not only that, they want me to come inside because it might rain. No!  It doesn’t feel like rain at all. I lie on my back and refuse. 

My owner Mom comes out with a treat.  It smells like chicken.  I cannot resist anything that smells or tastes like chicken. I reluctantly get up and go in. I hope they come back soon. I miss them.  I wonder if pup misses me. Afterall, One day I am there and the next day I just up and leave.  How does he know I will be back soon?  But I will.  Just like my owner Mom and Dad will be too.

A great deal of a dog’s life is spent waiting.  I will talk to pup about this life lesson next time we’re together.

Have a cozy, tummy rub weekend!
Sending lots of paw
Friday February 26 2010
Sunday On The Couch with George?

Ok.  I do not want to hear another word about my being too big to get on the bed, or the couch in the kitchen-yes, my owner mom does have a couch in the kitchen.  This was the result of a long held fantasy that began when she lived in NYC and according to her, kitchens were the size of closets!  When she bought and renovated our house, the very first thing she decided was that she would have a big kitchen with a couch in it.  It's great. Everyone squeezes onto it to watch games, or news  or a movie.  

Well, when I get on it, I do take up a lot of room. I am not as big as my owner mom's former Bernese Mountain Dog who weighed 120 pounds- but I am also no micro. I weigh a solid 85 pounds!  Not one of those dogs that shrinks three sizes when wet!  Anyway, it is hard for everyone to fit when I am on the couch and it becomes a dog eat human world to see who gets to the couch first!

So, I have a strategy. First I scratch a lot at the door to be let out.  I am let out.  Then I scratch to get back in. I am let back in.  Then I beg for food from the table. I am told no!  Then I go back to the front door and scratch.  After I see the frustration in my owner Mom's face and she looks at me and says enough, I make my move! I put my head down and look sad and move very slowly back into the kitchen towards the couch. Everyone is still having dinner. I yawn. I jump up on the couch, lay down and get very, very cozy. Then, I pretend to fall fast asleep, I even snore a little. When it comes time for everyone to move to the couch (to watch the Olympics, for example) who can move a big sleeping dog?  So my owner Dad usually ends up sitting on a kitchen chair.
But I do feel a little conflicted, because if I stretch out too much and no one can sit down next to me, I don't get any tummy rubs. So, I do try to move over just enough for one o human to sit.

 But then I see your picture, George, George On His Bed and I think that there is absolutely no reason for me to feel the least bit guilty!  If your owner can negotiate your 245lbs  on a bed, then my owners can deal with me!
So, Owner Mom, Owner Dad, Ben & Girl Friend---I am looking forward to the great couch race!  Bring it on! 
Better still, how about a George size couch so everyone can fit and I can invite George over to watch The Dog Whisperer!
Have a very George on the Couch weekend!

Friday February 19 2010
Vancouver Dreamin'
Well, I have to say the aftermath of the snowstorm isn’t nearly as fun as the during the snowstorm.  I am no longer off leash.  I have to walk much more slowly so that my owner Mom does not fall on all the icy parts of the path. And, I hate having to come inside late at night, especially since I have this awesome view atop a pile of snow and can see fox or raccoon or whatever else goes bump in the night--- all the way down the block!
I have also been sitting on the couch watching the Olympics with my owner Mom.  She is NOT a happy camper. How come, she exclaims, these skiers can tumble and crash down ridiculously steep and twisty hills, going a gazillion miles an hour and get up with perhaps just a little limp. When I, she exclaims, have to walk flat-footed on half an inch of ice for fear of killing myself!
It’s true that she is walking flat-footed and between you and me looks like a very, very senior citizen!  I personally think she would do better on skis! 
Anyway, I am looking at all that snow. I am looking at all those hills!  And I think, wow, how cool would it be to run all the way down a ski course!  Just send a Kong out ahead of me and I'd be gone! That would be as cool as Sean White’s whatever he did at the end of his second run! By the way, I am a big fan of his. Focus-squirrel-back to what I was saying or thinking-
We are lucky we have four legs,
but humans are so-o-o-o lucky they can play as much as they want in the snow!
Maybe if my owner gets skis she’ll take me with her?
Dreaming of winter Olympics,
Have a great Olympic weekend!
Sending lots of paw!
Friday February 12 2010
Wow! That's Love!
Well!  If this were the Super Bowl we canines would be the Saints!
If this were the lottery we canines would have hit the jackpot!
Over 40 inches of snow!!!!
And my owners even walked me in the middle of the blizzard with 45 mile an hour winds! We went to the little local market which was open, and my owner Mom had her favorite new snow drink-half hot chocolate, and half coffee!  And my owner Dad let me off leash the whole way!
Never had I felt this lucky to be dog! Never had I been so happy! That is, until that night-the night of the continuing 45 mile an hour wind gusts, with thick tree branches swaying and snow swirling sideways—the night when I heard my owner Mom threaten divorce and I had visions of being shuttled back and forth between owner Mom and owner Dad, and what about my boy, and the thought was so terrifying that I started to pant very hard.  All because my owner Mom started shouting at my owner Dad, and I kept following her following him, as she was yelling, No! Absolutely Not!  That is NOT an option!!!!! No!  You cannot do that! Are you crazy?????
You see we started to have terrible leaks coming from the border of our porch roof.  My owner Dad asked my owner Mom what we could put underneath the leaks, and my owner Mom had to pull out all the pots and pans and line them up along the floor of the porch. The leaks seemed to be getting worse. Then my owner Dad said-
I have an idea.  I will go outside and see if I can bang some of the snow down off the gutters with the broom.
Ok, said my owner Mom.
I followed them out onto the porch.  We watched my owner Dad trudge through the deep snow along side our house. Then, my owner Mom saw my owner Dad pull a lawn chair up along side the house, and stand on it. She was a little concerned. Then my owner Mom saw my owner Dad put one chair on top of another, She made lots of sign language indicating that this was not a good idea at all! Well, it wasn’t working anyway, so back in came my owner Dad with the broom.
Let's go up to the family room and open the window and I can see if I can push snow off from there, said my owner Dad. 
We all went up to the family room. My owner Dad stood on a chair near the window and stabbed at the snow outside.  That didn’t work either.
And then it came.  The sentence that started my visions of doom!
I have an idea, said my owner Dad. If I get a ladder, I can climb up on the roof and knock all the snow off.  Do we have a ladder?
My owner Mom never got to the ladder part.  She was off and running at the climbing onto the roof part! 
Are you nuts!!!??? You are going to climb up on the roof, in the middle of 45 mile an hour wind gusts and snow blowing, at night to push snow off???!!!  Are you absolutely out of your mind???!!!
I think it’s a good idea! That’s the only way we are going to get the snow off! All I need is a ladder!
And so it began, this back and forth between the two of them and I heard her say quite distinctly that she would divorce my owner Dad if he did this, and that got me going- that I was going to be shared custody, that I might even have step owners, and that my life as I had known it would never be the same again!
All of a sudden, I didn’t care about the snow, or what a wonderful time I was having.  All I wanted was for my owner Mom to stop fighting with my owner Dad, my owner Dad to forget the ladder thing and for everyone to stay together.  I was panting hard, pacing back and forth looking from owner Mom to owner Dad.  It was scary!
Well, the fighting did stop.  My owner Dad did not attempt to climb onto the roof, perhaps because we do not own a ladder (phew!) and he was reluctant to go ask for one at 10:30 at night.  And my owner Mom saw how upset I was and gave me some big hugs to calm me down.
The next day, the sun came out.  The leaks stopped.  Just like that. It was a beautiful day. My owner Mom took me for a walk in the park and I ran far ahead, leaping through the snow.  But my owner Mom fell twice so I had to run back and bark at her until she got up.  We went to the little local market where we bought bread, I had treats, and my owner Mom had her favorite new snow drink-again!  We walked back in the road.  All the neighbors were out shoveling.  Lots of canines were walking.  I was off leash the whole way.  When we got home, there was my owner Dad working hard clearing the cars and the walkway.  And I went and sat down atop a snow bank to watch the goings on.
My owner Mom and Dad stood together outside laughing and talking. I was so happy.  Then one of their neighbors came by and I heard my owner Mom say-
Yup-I can’t get him to remember where the pots and pans are, or how to retrieve messages, but a roofer, he thinks he can be in the middle of a blizzard!!!!!!  And they laughed some more and my owner Dad put his arm around my owner Mom.  And all of a sudden it hit me! Canines and Humans are alike! Humans can yell and then laugh, just like we canines can growl and then lick.. Humans can fight and make up, just like we canines can fight and then nuzzle.  Humans can sound as if they will kill each other, and we canines can sound as if we will kill each other. Then, humans put their arms around each other.  We wag our tails!
Wow!  That's-LOVE!  
I will never forget the blizzard of 2010. My best Valentine's present ever! 
Friday February 5 2010
Humans Need a Tail to Wag!
I had a play date with my brother in honor of our upcoming 8th birthdays. We were born into a litter of 6. My owner took my boy out to see us all.  He picked me. Yes!  Then my owner’s very close friend picked out two of my other siblings. 
One of her picks, Cody, died last year.  He looked just like me.  He was a wonderful dog. It was very sad.  My other brother, Rain does not look like me.  He is all black, thinner, and very handsome. 
We all went to a dog park. But once we got there, it was clear we had very different personalities.  Rain ran up to all the other dogs to meet and greet, and was very happy to play fetch with his owner.
I had never been to this park before, so I had to walk around and sniff everything to get a lay of the land.  And, as far as the many balls that were there were concerned, I wanted my owner to throw one up in the air so I could jump and catch it.  But, my favorite activity was to find sticks in the snow, lie down and chew. Yum!
We were there for an hour. Afterwards, we exchanged presents.  I gave Rain candy cane cookies, and he gave me yummy treats.  We wagged good-bye to each other and got back into our own cars not knowing when we would see each other again.
I thought about that on the way home. Unlike human siblings, when Rain and I were separated a birth it was ok. When our siblings ended up in different families, we were fine. When we did not know when we would see each other again, no problem. We just wagged our tails and went off to play as if it were yesterday.
Human affairs are so much more complicated.  All that separation from siblings would never be ok with them.  I feel sorry for humans sometimes. Maybe they need a tail. Maybe it’s all in the wag. How else does one show unconditional love like it was yesterday?
Have a waggy weekend!
PS-16 inches of snow starting tomorrow!!??  I’m wagging in my sleep!
Friday 29 2010
The Flat Rate Box, & The Rocket Scientist!
The Flat Rate Box? Flat my Paw! Or as my owner might say, ‘my foot!’!!!
She thought those commercials were pretty cool-I know because every time she saw one she’d remark-That’s a great idea! A box, a flat rate, the postman comes up to the house and picks it up.  Only problem?-That is NOT how it works!
We went to the Post office yesterday. I laid down on the cool floor while my owner picked out three different size flat rate boxes anticipating an easy way to send stuff out to our boy in California. She goes up to the counter. The post woman adds up the cost of the boxes, and THEN says,
And do you need stamps to go along with these?
Stamps for what?
Stamps for each of the boxes.
I thought there was a flat rate.
There is but you have to buy the stamps.
But if you have to buy stamps how can it be a flat rate?
You put the stamps on the boxes and just bring the boxes back here.
What about the postman in the commercial that picks it up from your house?
Oh, he will if all the stamps are on it!
Why wouldn’t it just be included in the price of the box?
At this point, the post woman is the only one working behind the counter.
So, a woman standing behind my owner, and v-e-r-y professionally dressed, eyes my owner in her muddy dog clothes, (we had just come from fetching in the park) obviously decides we are way out of our element, from across the tracks, visiting from wherever they don’t have post offices or TV and cuts in, shouting-
This is not rocket science!  You have to buy the stamps!
My head picks up.  My ears pick up. I sit up!
The post woman now eyes the Rocket Scientist, both the post woman and the Rocket Scientist see me stand up,  everyone sees my owner’s face and the post woman decides she needs to intervene before one of us goes postal!
Thank you for your advice the post woman says to the Rocket Scientist.
Advice??!!!  My owner looks at the post woman.
I watch my owner’s face. She’s weighing her options-deal with this Rocket Scientist (which she would really love to do, since she is always complaining that Washingtonians are so-o-o passive, and the New Yorker in her never really gets to come out anymore) or figure out the box thing, which is now sounding like false advertising  not to mention just plain stupid! No one else appears behind the counter.  It is lunchtime.  Of course!  It’s makes perfect bureaucratic sense that at lunch time (when everyone is trying to get their errands done) there would only be one person working behind the counter!
My owner knows people need to get going.  She acts like a grown-up.  I am so proud of her, She ignores the Rocket Scientist, buys the stamps, collects the three boxes and out we march!
But I know the Rocket Scientist lives in my neighborhood. I know we will see her in the Starbucks on the Corner of Connecticut Avenue.
I am waiting.  Should I, too, act like a grown-up and ignore her, or because she insulted my human, go New Yorker!!! 
I might decide, instead, to become a most enthusiastic big puppy, wag my huge tail, jump up on her with all 85 lbs of me which shed, panting, Hello!  Haven’t we met somewhere before!!!
Or, I could simply sniff her and decide she is so professionally dressed that she would make a very high-end ‘mark’! And when a canine finds a great ‘mark’ well you know what happens! That, my dear canines and humans is definitely NOT rocket science!
On our marks! Get set! Go!!!
Have a great marked weekend!

Friday 22, 2010 2010
 I spent the day at my owner’s office.  I really like her office because it is in an arcade, and all the storeowners downstairs are very nice to me. I am invited into the Art and Framing Shop, the Jewelers, the Asian Gift Store, the Barber Shop and the Hair Salon. The ladies Room is also on the first floor. This is where my owner and I always have a struggle.  When she needs to use the ladies room she wants me to sit right outside the door.  But, it is a dark area. Not my idea of where to be.  I prefer to sit right out in the middle of the main floor area.  My owner is concerned that someone might walk through the arcade and see a dog unaccompanied by an owner and be frightened.  Frightened? Why would any human be frightened of me, unless of course that human was trying to do something bad to my owner?
Anyway, as I said there is always a struggle, and we always end up compromising—
I get to lay at the very very edge of the dark area, putting most of my body in the main lobby
As I lie there waiting for my owner to come out of the Ladies Room, I think-
Bring me your frightened yet yearning to pet a dog and I shall set them free!
All of a sudden a mother comes into the arcade with a toddler.  He does not look frightened at all!  He is running towards me! She is running after him shouting, no, no wait for me!  But of course he doesn’t and the next thing I know he has plopped right down next to me. My owner comes out very concerned. She apologizes profusely to this Mom. Meanwhile, this little boy and I are having a wonderful time.
I roll over on my back so he can rub my belly.
Then the mother wonders if there is a bathroom.  My owner says yes, and gives her the key to the Ladies Room.  In she goes with her little toddler. I look up at my owner.  She is looking down at me exasperated. Why? I am sitting in the darkest area right outside the bathroom door waiting for my tummy rubber to come back out!
All you canines out there-I hope you have a great tummy rubby weekend!

Friday January 15, 2010

Humans are whooses  (don’t actually know how to spell this word) Really.  My owner takes me for a walk.  It is very cold and windy but still, sunny. We go into the park.

We pass the toddler playground.  No kids. No parents.  No nannies. No one!

We pass the schoolyard. It’s recess.  Empty. Where is everybody!  Why aren’t the kids out there playing?

How many times have I overheard moms telling their kids to put on their jackets or sweaters or hats or gloves?  How many times have I heard the kids pout that they do not need the jackets, the sweaters the hats or the gloves.  How many times are such things left on a pole, a slide, a bench or in a locker.

Kids are not cold. Grown-ups are cold. They complain when they have to walk us. They complain when they have to stand outside and watch their kids run around. 

But, I think kids would be so much better off with lots of fresh air.

I wish they could come out a play with me!  I need play buddies and they need to be outside!  A win-win idea! Now all I have to do is convince the moms and the nannies and the teachers.


Friday January 8 2010

Yes, Yes, it’s true I was a hero this past week.  The pet store manager couldn’t find a feline that went into hiding somewhere overnight, and its new owner was due in very soon to pick it up.  Three humans with flashlights—looking under and above, in and out.  No kitty. Then, in I came.  My owner said she was sure I could find the cat. Of course there were so-o-o many wonderful bone and treat smells, I got terribly distracted but even so—that chair in the storage room--I kept going back to that chair—No, they said-the reason the scent was strong there was because the kitty liked to curl up in that chair. Oh.  But still, what was it about that area?  I went back to it so many times, they finally agreed to look behind the chair, down on their knees with flashlights-and lo and behold! Curled up all the way underneath the shelves behind that chair was that feline!

I got lots of treats!  It was great!  My owner was so proud!

I figure this bout of heroism is good for a least one long evening outside in the freezing cold I so love.  I cannot understand why my owner does not share my winter joy!!?? Need more hero points for more nights outside! Think I will become a tracking dog for the winter! Love Tonka!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!A Christmas Card from Tonka

Friday December 11 2009

Tis the season of the parting of the ways between my owner and me.  She is not enthusiastic about playing fetch in wind and cold.  I am not enthusiastic about being in a heated house.  She makes me come inside when the sun goes down.  I refuse by rolling over on my back.  This goes on all winter. Last night, though, I got to stay outside for a long time because she was posting and too pre-occupied to deal with my rebellion.  I sat watch and looked for where the wild things were beyond my yard.  Deer? Fox? Raccoon?  I love winter!  And, I am so happy that my owner is posting her book-on-line. It means she will have too much to do to worry about whether my thick black coat is enough to keep me warm.  Honestly, humans are sometimes so clueless. If I were cold, I would scratch at the door and come in.  I never scratch at the door unless I hear thunder! I never want to come in unless it is raining.  I am not complicated!

I am dog! I am mountain dog! This is my season!  I’m rolling over on my back until Summer!

Will accept any and all tummy rubs!



Friday, December 4 2009

Hello Fellow Paws and Owners!

Tonka gave  me permission to use his space to explain why he isn’t here. He is still at the farm where he was born because I am going to NY. And I am going to NY to attend my brother’s wedding.  If you have read A Personal Story you know that much of my interest in children’s emotional health stems from my brother who was born mentally challenged. He has been devoted to a woman who is also mentally challenged for 18 years, and on Sunday they will be wed in a beautiful little synagogue.

We could all learn a great deal about relationships from the way they talk to, and take care of each other. We could all learn a great deal about coping from the way they maneuver through their daily lives without many of the skills we take for granted.  We could all learn a great deal about what constitutes a blessing, from seeing them happy and fulfilled.

It will be emotional. I know I will cry.  I so wish my parents were here but I do believe they will be watching.

So, thank you Tonka for sharing your space. Tonka will be back next week!

Friday November 2009
The BALL has just now been inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame!
Honestly, what canine past two weeks old would not know the contribution of the Ball??!!
Humans are so-o-o-o backward!!!

Friday, October 23 2009

I know my owner spoke of the moment when kids discover that their parents aren’t perfect.  Book: Install#15: Ch 3.2 Intro I bet it comes when their Mom forgets to pick them up at school or practice.

Well, guess what.  I had my devastating my owner isn't perfect moment too! 

She forgot to pick me up!  Well, in all fairness, she didn’t actually forget, she didn’t realize that the playgroup she takes me to sometimes when it rains a lot, closed early on that day.

But, she should have known.  There was a big sign on the front door.  She would have known had she not been so involved with a micro dog in front of the door that seemed without an owner.  She was so concerned with this mini wind-up that she didn’t see the sign.

And so, here I was at the end of the day, shut in for the night with two other dogs whose owners had either forgotten, did not see the sign, or left them on purpose since there is overnight boarding.

My owner came flying in the next morning. I was sitting rather glumly waiting. Lots of hugs and apologies.  But the fact remains she didn’t come. She isn’t perfect.  Can I live with this new realization?  I have a week away to work it through.

Next week I go away for Halloween. I like where I go since it’s outdoors and where I was born.  My owner always does a very big scene on her front lawn.  One year it was Starbones, another year McBones, and last year it was a Bone’s Presidential Debate with candidates Dr. Seuss and Yoda.  She even had stickers so anyone under 18 could vote.  Yoda was for more pizza, and Dr. Seuss was for more spaghetti. Dr. Seuss won by 3 votes!  She could not get over how involved the teenagers were-they had serious debates over which one would make a better president!  This year she is doing Bones Dancing With The Stars!

She gets too worried about all the candy and stuff and it isn’t any fun for me because I have to stay inside. I love all the children but we get a loy of kids, and some of the little ones get really scared of a big dog. So off I go to visit relatives!

Have a great Halloween. Maybe when I return, I can look at my owner with new understanding.  No human or canine is perfect. I know. But while some of us canines might get distracted by squirrels and bones and other dogs, and refuse to come or stay, we would never ever forget to pick up our owners! Oh the patience it takes to grow a human.  By the way, Growing A Human will be the title of my book!  My owner says that when she is finished posting hers she might let me post mine!

Sending all a high paw!


Friday, October16 2009

One Human Trait that is way Overrated--forCanines, that is!

Well, last week I said that Humans do things to people Canines would never think of doing.Friday October 9 This week, I must confess that canines lack a major attribute that all humans (well almost all humans) learn and exercise. Sharing! We canines do not do ‘share’ very well. Do not come near my food bowl! Do not touch my bone! Do not lean over my fence! But that said, as much as I love my Kong, if I’m in the park and another dog grabs it, I let go.  I do not try to get it back.  I look to my owner for help.

So, we went to the park to play fetch.  It was a lot of fun.  Then another dog came. He saw how much fun we were having and went after my Kong.  That was it.All the fun came to an abrupt stop while his owner and my owner tried to get it back.  Nothing doing.  This dog loved the chase.  He romped around panting-come and get me, if you can! I just sat glumly thinking I would not see my favorite toy again.

I remember my owner talking about the time my boy was a toddler and he was at the pool and he spotted a cool toy near by that another toddler was playing with. So he trotted over and simply took it. This little boy’s mother was really angry!  My owner had to pry it out of my boy’s hands.  He was screaming. The other little boy was screaming.  It was quite a scene.

I thought about that story watching my owner and this other dog’s owner trying to get back my Kong. His owner kept saying common' Badge, give me the Kong, common Badge give it here!  My owner was saying, here Badge bring it here and I can throw it (Right!  Like we can’t read right through that line??!!)  Badge was laughing! Finally, my owner had an idea.  She picked up a stick. Looking right at me she shouted, Go fetch! And she threw the stick.  Badge looked up in that split second and dropped the Kong. My owner rushed and scooped it up and put it in her pocket.I wondered why she hadn’t thought to do something like that when my boy was a toddler!

But the whole point of this story is that you will never hear an owner say—ok, now both of you take turns. First you fetch, Tonka and then it’s your turn Badge.  Good boys!  Ok, bring it back and it’s Tonka’s turn. Good sharing!  I’m so proud of you.  Time for snacks!  Right! 

Frankly, for canines, sharing is overrated.  We make up for that attribute in so many other ways! But don’t tell humans. They need to do a lot of sharing.  Otherwise they’d run wild! There’d be no socializing them! A wild, unsocialized human? The thought is really scary!


Friday, October 9 2009

We Would Never Behave the Way Some Humans Do!

I do not understand Humans. They do things to each other we would never do.
When we meet another canine, our reactions are immediate, simple and consistent.
We are either scared, friendly or aggressive.
If we are scared, we may roll over, or shy away.
If we are friendly we'll go bounding up, tail wagging, wanting to sniff and say hello.
If we are aggressive, our tails will go down, we will growl and pull forward on our leash.

We are not complicated.
If we become friends with another dog, we are always friends.
We will greet each other the same way each time we meet.
And we will remain friends forever.
If we bond with you, we will nuzzle you, curl up with you, lick you,

be eternally loyal and love you for life!

Humans do not behave that way at all.
A human friendship can be influenced by so many other things
that do not exist in the canine world--
like money and ambition.

14 years ago my co-owner (my owner's husband) took a chance
on a 25 year old who did a terrible phone interview.
My co-owner mentored and taught him everything about handling clients,
and managing accounts.
And with my co-owner's guidance, this person became admired and sought after.
Two days ago, he walked into my co-owner's office
with another associate and said,
We are both leaving. We are leaving in three weeks.

He did not give my co-owner a heads up.

He did not have a personal one-on-one with my co-owner.

He did not go into my co-owner's office alone.

My owner later said-so much for moral courage.

(She talks about that later on in her book)

We canines just don't have that kind of behavior in us.
We do not manipulate, cheat, lie and backstab.

I think human relationships would improve profoundly,
if humans had but three reactions just like us!

Fear, Geniality, Aggression,

and, these traits were discernable by clear and distinct actions.
Fear-I'm out of here!
Geniality-Let's Play!
Aggression-Don't you dare come into my space!

So simple and easy!

My owner took me to the Apple Store today
for one of her tutorials.
It gave me an idea.
Humans are so very behaviorally challenged
that perhaps I should start a tutorial.
How to Select and Copy from us!


Friday, October 1 2009

The girlfriend.

She is very cute.  She is very sweet.  She talks to me.  She pets me. She wants to include me in activities.  She wants to be my friend.


I know, I know--call it selfish.  I love my owner's son very much. He's my boy-my best buddy.  It took me a long time to get used to him being away at college.  It took longer for me to understand his coming home for a week and going back.  We canines cannot look at a watch or a calendar.  Someone comes.  Someone goes.  How do we know when they will return??!!

So, my boy, my best buddy comes home for his birthday.  I'm so happy! But wait-he's not alone!  He has a girlfriend who hugs and cuddles and snuggles with him on the couch.  She plops herself near him and stays there forever!

I curl up on the floor.  I cannot compete with this.  It is way too strong.  I am hoping he will look my way and come and pet me.  He does. Then he goes back to her!  I am hoping he will play a little with me.  He does. Then he goes back to her!   I am hoping he will let me up on the couch.  He won't.  He's on it with her! I am hoping he will stay home in the evening.  He won't. He'll be out with her

I am not having a good fur day!!! I have heard parents talk to about sibling rivalry-I have overheard my owner give advice.  So, where is my advice???!!   Forget wanting to put a baby brother in the washing machine, what am I supposed to do with my desire to chase this girlfriend out the door, up a tree and as far away as possible from my best buddy!

He has gone back to graduate school. She is still here on a college internship.  My owner will take her to lunch on Sunday.  I will see her.  It would be so much easier to plot if she weren't so warm and engaging. But still, she has stolen my best buddy!  What's a dog to do?

 She'll suggest to my owner that they take me with them for lunch. Is this bribery time? Like lunch outside-with lots of scraps? A good restaurant-NOT A SALAD BAR- what respectable canine eats salad??!!  Depending upon the scraps, I could forget for a short while how much I miss my best buddy, but the missing will come back. 

I wish I could go to visit him.  I wish we could hang out-just the two of us alone.  I wish he were younger again and we could fall asleep together watching ESPN on the couch.  But, he's all grown.  He's gone a lot. He has a girlfriend. I need a plan.  I need a support group.  I need an intervention!  

Wait a minute,  I'm grown! And I'm neutered!  Why can't I have a girlfriend too!  There are some foxy paws out there.  I have one in mind.  I'm going to ask her if she'd like to play in the leaves Saturday night?

Still missing my best buddy, but  there is love is out there in the cool fall air.  I need to stop moping! Feeling better. I'll even try to be friendlier at lunch as long as it's not salad! 

Now I just have to get past the glass door!

'A door is what a dog is perpetually on the wrong side of'.  ~Ogden Nash


Friday September 18 2009 
View From The Paw

Ok. We need to talk about owners' ideas of the night walk and our idea of the night walk Now, I know that some of my dogs friends out there do have somewhat rigid owners. Do your business, I'm tired, and it's time to go to bed.

When my owners walk me at night, they talk about their day, and they do let me sniff a lot. I consider myself lucky. But the night walk is special. Female canines abound. Things go bump in the night--like cats, the occasional beaver, or raccoon, That's what we live for!  And, if we're really lucky, we get to see fox, even deer! But what happens?  The leash happens.  It pulls hard.  Then the voice follow---No, stay! No, I said, stay!

It made me think that owners do not know how lucky they have it with us!!!!

I've been around the block long enough to have witnessed lots of toddlers in meltdowns, tizzy fits, tantrums, shouting matches and stomping feet over something that was either lost, got away, would have to wait until after nap or dinner. or wasn't allowed in the first place!

Now think for a minute.  How many of us canines have such high drama outbursts!!!  True, we might become passive aggressive, lie down, roll over and refuse to get up. But, have you ever seen any of us have a total outburst when we were denied a treat, or we were pushed off the bed, or rudely pulled away from sniffing another friend?  No!

So, every once in a while I have a fantasy that I am walking my owner and she sees a store window, and I run in front of her and very firmly bark, No! You cannot! No! No shopping today! You can put it on your wish list for your birthday!   

Next, she runs into a friend and they begin to talk and talk and talk, and finally I put my paws down and say-it's time to go now.  Let's say good-bye to our friends. I am barking to 3.  Let's go. We have to leave.  Say good-bye. We will make a play date. You can talk again tomorrow.

And then, we are back home, she heads for the refrigerator, and I bark to her that she can't!  She hasn't had her food yet.  She'll get fat and unhealthy...Oh, oh I am waking up...and I am no longer on the bed! Hmmm.


Wednesday Spetember 2 2009  (MY VERY FIRST BLOG!!!!)

Dads Walk Dogs the way They Walk Kids-According to Mom!

There is definitely a big difference between the way Mom walks me and the way Dad walks me!

When Dad walks me he takes me off leash-no problem, he insists to Mom-He says stay and I stay!! I am very good, he tells her. Mom does not like this at all.  I am after all a dog!  What if I see a cat, or deer (at night or very early in the morning)?

It's fine, replies Dad, I can handle him.


Well, both Mom and Dad walk me this morning over to the little market where they can get coffee. Dad has me off leash.  He wants to show Mom how this works. When we get to the street corner, Dad says: Stay!

I do not stay.  No only do I not stay, I walk diagonally across the street!

Mom is definitely not impressed!

Then we got to the little market and since the door is invitingly open, I trot right in to meet and greet and sniff all the warm smells of fresh baked muffins and bread.

Mom is so not impressed she takes charge!

Walking back on leash, I spy a cat.  Mom can hardly contain me I pull so hard. Dad takes over my leash.

Mom says to Dad-You both flunk!!!

I fear my off leash mornings are over unless Mom cannot come.

Meanwhile, I overhear her tell a friend that there is no difference between how Dads handle dogs and how they handle kids.  When she sees a Dad walking with his kids, they are totally  "off leash" and always tagging several yards behind!

Dads and dogs and kids-yup, hope Mom is very, very busy!!!


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