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A Resolution Needs An Action Plan

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A Resolution Needs An Action Plan

It is that time of year.  I start to think about resolutions--
what to start or stop, create or build, advance or do better?
Then I think back to last year.  What was my last year's resolution? 
Or were they resolutionS.  Even worse,  I can't remember!

So this year I am going to think in terms of Action Plans
After all, that is what I coach clients through-- 
taking goals and breaking them down into reasonable and doable steps.

For example, let's say, my resolution is to lose 20 pounds 
and my goal is to be in better shape. Fine resolution. Great goal.  Now what?
 HOW do I plan to lose weight? 
WHAT kind of exercise will I  do to get in better shape?
I decide to cut out all refined sugar in my diet. And exercise every day.
Really? How realistic is it that I will stick to those two intentions? Not so realistic after two weeks.
So what is reasonable? 
Well, I could cut out sugar from Sunday night through Friday afternoon.
 and eat whatever I wanted over the weekend--
How reasonable is that?
'Petty reasonable.
Okay now let's talk about exercise.
What kind of exercise do I  like to do?
I have a rowing machine at home.  I like to row.
Okay so how often would I row?
Every day.
For how long?
10 minutes.
how many times per day?
 Is it reasonable that I will do it every day?
Well, maybe not every day.
Okay then how often?
I could do it every other day.
How doable is that?
Petty doable.
Is it reasonable that I would do it for 10 minutes?
Not sure.
Then what is doable?
5 minutes.
At least 5 minutes three times s day? Well maybe 5 minutes 2 times s day.
How doable is that?
Very doable.

Okay! This now looks like an action plan!
1)  I am going to cut out sugar from Sunday evening through Friday afternoon.
2)  I am going to row for 5 minutes@  2 times per day, every other day.
Can I actually see myself doing both these?
And what happens if I stray off the plan?
It's okay-- I will get back on it again, as soon as possible, and keep going.  
If I were looking at my plan as a resolution, it would be broken.
 But an action plan can be tweaked and/or revised.  
Life happens.  I injured my knee, for example,  and cannot exercise until the tear is repaired.

A resolution without a reasonable and doable action plan 
is like a big idea stuffed in a balloon just out of reach.
Perhaps our one resolution, therfore, might be to create an action plan!
So to all--have a very Action--Doable--Goals Oriented --52 new weeks!
We Can Do It!
All the best, take good care, and God Bless our children twice,
Margo Judge, CPC, Life & Family Coach
If you would like help creating your individual action plan please contact me at:
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