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Emotional Readiness In Emergencies

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Emotional Readiness in Emergencies:
When we worry or are in fear for our homes, possessions, mementos, loved ones, including pets,
it is totally natural and understandable to show and put out nervous energy. 
But, for to our children, especially, it is vitally important to remember this principle:
Whatever energy we put out is exactly what our children will absorb, feel and put out themselves.

In other words, if we do not want our children to be afraid, we communicate confidence and faith.
If we do not want our children to worry, we communicate a game plan and optimism.
If even faking it seems hard to do, think of it like this:
If you and your child were on a plane, and the plane was going to crash
what would be the last thing you would want your child to hear besides-- I love you.
Maybe—Don’t be afraid? I am not afraid? Whatever happens, you will be okay?  Whatever happens, we will be together? 
Whatever happens, God will wrap you in his arms and keep you safe and warm? 

How do we want our children to feel? How best can we communicate that feeling and infuse them with courage and belief? 
In some instances, that might be all we can do, and in others, it might make the difference between giving up and surviving. 

Take good care, everyone
God Bless, and God Bless our children, twice!

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Margo Judge, MomOpinionMatters, 2012