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Book Install#10-Ch 2-Final Word

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H20: Installment #10-Ch 2/Humor/Final Word-Talkin' Silly

 Friday October 9
Installment #10
Chapter Two: Humor-The Final Word

‘Talkin Silly'
I mentioned this before, but it is also in my book.
"Silly Sentences" is a fun way to bring Humor to the dinner table.

1)  Your child/children will bring home a vocabulary list.
2)  If you have more than one child and several lists designate one list per meal.
3)  Take the first word from the list and present its meaning to all at the table.
4)  Then everyone present gets to make up funny sentences with that word.
     The sentences can be as silly or outrageous as everyone would like,
     as long as the word stays true to its meaning.
5)  Go through the entire list of words.

One of the added advantages of playing "Silly Sentences" is that kids actually remember the words.
They might grin or chuckle during a quiz, but you can explain why at the parent/teacher conference.
Also, if anyone has had a bad hair day,
using words and humor is a good stress reliever.
Finally, it can become a tradition and something to put in the Memory Chest
Collecting Good Memories

Silly Sentences can be played any time--
while fixing food,, driving, bath time-
all you need is your child and the list.
So, have a fun weekend ‘talkin silly'

See you next week when H20 to Go! gets on the road.

I will be spending a lot of time on Perspective from Grade School

through Middle School. Here we go-on the road to Optimism,

Moral Courage, and Emotional Maturity.

H20: Chapter 3/Gaining Perspective Preview

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